About Me

As many southern boys do, I learned most of my life lessons hunting and fishing with my father and grandfather.  Under the quiet shade of an overpass along the Chechessee we would sit and wait for the tide.  In my father’s shop I learned of craftsmanship and the art behind woodworking.  He had a true passion for creating and tinkering.


I began to take my hobby of woodworking seriously in my 20s, and started to see the true beauty in natural wood.  Finding, drying, and milling my own wood became a mission.  To create something from the beginning to the end instead of starting at a lumber yard.  It was that decision that changed everything.  While waiting for some of my lumber to dry so I could continue with woodworking, my idle hands needed something to do.  So I made a knife from an old saw blade. It wasn’t fancy and lacked a good edge.  Never being one to accept failure, I sought help.  So by mere chance in 2014 I was introduced to a local knife making legend.  With some instruction from him and a few others along the way, I had found my true passion.  By marrying together my two loves, wood and knives I could create something as useful as it is beautiful.  With the memories of my youth to guide me, I have created a line of knives.

CSC_0292My designs have been tested in the field by old friends and other southern outdoorsman.  Each one is designed with a specific task in mind and made to do that job over and over again.  I hope you enjoy your knife and use it well, each one is hand crafted and loved before it ever leaves my shop.






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